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Chinese Art

Excellent and comprehensive survey of the arts of China. Rated five stars by Amazon Readers ... more about this book.

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Art of the West

The Ch'i of the Brush $36.95
Capturing the Spirit of Nature with Chinese Brush Painting Techniques   by Nan Rae

In The Chi of the Brush, artist Nan Rae illustrates the fundamental elements and traditional motifs of the Literati style, which seeks to transcend the mere representation of a subject to capture its chi, or life force, by using a minimum of brush strokes for maximum effect...
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Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting
by Richard M. Barnhart, Nie Chongzheng, Lang Shaojun

This book is a rare feat: seldom is an art history--much less an ambitious, 400-page chronicle of one of the great cultural achievements of the last three millennia--as much a delight for the amateur lover of art as it is indispensable for the student of the field. Written by specialists in the United States and China, The book combines the best of both countries' scholarly approaches with new discoveries and illustrations of numerous paintings located in China and... read more & to order ...

The Three Perfections: Chinese Painting, Poetry & Calligraphy
by Michael Sullivan

What do the Chinese write on their paintings? Why do they write on them? In this newly revised volume--now illustrated in color - Michael Sullivan provides a lucid and engaging analysis of the intimate relationships among painting, poetry, and calligraphy in Chinese culture. The fundamental unity of writing and painting is shown to be an ancient, though still valid, concept in China. Twenty-six luminous reproductions of celebrated works of art illustrate key aspects of this superb union of literature and the visual arts ... more & to order ...

The Arts of China
by Michael Sullivan

For the fourth edition of his much-heralded book, last published in 1984, Michael Sullivan has revised and expanded this classic history of Chinese art from the Neolithic period to the 1990s. China's dramatic opening to the outside world since the 1980s has triggered an explosion of contemporary Chinese art, on which Sullivan is the foremost Western authority.... more & to order ...

Masterpieces of Chinese Art
Five stars by Amazon Readers ... This wonderful overview of Chinese art takes the reader on a delightful trip through 6000 years of history. Some 100 beautiful full-color photographs, some of them filling the entire oversized page, are used to illustrate this fascinating journey. The text is insightful and well-written and should appeal even to readers who...learn more.

Visible Traces:
Rare Books and Special Collections
from The National Library of China

by Philip K. Hu (Editor)

Visible Traces showcases an integral part of Chinese history as documentation and as works of art. The collection of inscribed oracle bones, rubbings, manuscripts, maps, printed books, and artifacts from minority cultures traces, in broadstrokes, the evolution of the written and printed word in China, against the vivid backdrop of Chinese society and history ... more & to order ...

The Embodied Image: Chinese Calligraphy
by Wen C. Fong, Qianshen Bai

Could the prominent appearance of large, boldly brushed Chinese characters on the cover of House & Garden magazine signal that Americans are ready to appreciate the ancient but often modern-looking art of calligraphy? The Embodied Image offers both stellar examples of Chinese calligraphy and tools with which to view it. And it successfully bridges the gap between the non-Chinese reader's concern over incomprehension, the modernist's appreciation of calligraphy as linear abstraction, and the traditional connoisseur's approach. ...more & to order ...

Worlds Within Worlds
The Richard Rosenblum Collection of Chinese Scholars' Rocks

Revered by Chinese connoisseurs and literati since the Tang dynasty (618-907), scholars' rocks have been little known in the West. As refined indoor kin of the more widely recognized Chinese garden stones, these rocks intended for studio display combine the charm of microcosm with sheer abstract beauty; whether regarded as fantastical miniature landscapes or as nonrepresentational sculpture, they invite and reward contemplation. The book accompanies an exhibition at the Harvard University Art Museums ...more ...

Pictures and Visuality in Early Modern China
by Craig Clunas

The sixteenth century in China was a period of rapid and unprecedented economic expansion. Pictures were a major source of consumable luxury at this period: pictures not only in the form of independently circulating images classifiable as "art," but also in the form of wall decoration; pictures in books, prints, and maps. Artifacts previously decorated with formal patterns now bore landscape scenes and scenes from literature.... more & to order ...

Ten Thousand Things
by Lothar Ledderose

The Chinese throughout history have produced works of art in astonishing quantities--and have done so without sacrificing quality, affordability, or speed of manufacture. How have they managed this? This remarkable tour of Chinese art and culture explains how artists used complex systems of mass production to assemble extraordinary objects from standardized parts or modules. These systems have deep roots in Chinese thought ... more & to order ...

The Techniques of Chinese Painting
Wu Yangmu

This beautiful and comprehensive manual, written by a master painter and teacher in the People's Republic of China, includes a brief history of Chinese painting, descriptions of the equipment needed and its uses, the selection of brushes and ink sticks, the execution of traditional brush strokes, and applying color ...more & to order ...

The History of Art, 6th Ed
H W and Anthony Janson

This 6th edition published in May, 2001, is a comprehensive history of Western Art and practically an institution. It has grown and changed over the decades in response to new art as well as new interpretations. A five star book ...read more ...

Learning to Look at Paintings
Mary Acton

A critique of works of art dating from the early 15th century through modern installations. An accessible guide to the study and appraisal of paintings, drawings and prints. Learn how to look at and understand an image by analyzing how it works, its pictorial elements ...read more

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