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Chinese Brush Painting
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Nan Book at Amazon
Nan's book is
now in 4th printing
Chinese Brush Painter
and teaches monthly. Here a special class at Nickelodeon.
Nan's Art is used by Ling Design for a beautiful line of stationery items sold throughout Europe.
The artist with Secretaire General, Societe des Artistes Independants at Nan Rae exhibit Grand Palais, Paris.
Selected for the three Offices
of the California Governor
Sony sponsored exhibit in Osaka Japan.
Chinese Brush Painting

Here is what critic's reviews have said:

"The work of artist Nan Rae reflects her power of creative concept.  Asian in technique, her work is profoundly Impressionistic.  Her deft, rapid Oriental brush strokes capture the viewer in a wonderous sweep of pure, free and energized freedom yet clearly contemporary, clean in form and candidly robust, often exhilarating.
Chinese Brush
Art connoisseurs have often commented they feel as if they are entering the painting and becoming subjectively involved in it."
Chinese Brush Painting
"Not surprisingly, this best selling artist's paintings and prints hang not only in the most prestigious homes in Southern California but also in private and corporate collections in the USA, in Canada and Europe."
Chinese Brush
Nan Rae has published her artwork as greeting cards for about the past twelve years. Distribution and sales have grown nicely and the number of images is now approaching 500. Her large paintings are scanned and sized for the cards. Because her work is open, light and impressionistic, the results are stunning and well received.
Chinese Brush Painting
Nan's art is now being used for Greeting Cards and a wide variety of upscale stationery products produced by Ling Design for England, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia.
Chinese Brush
She was honored to have her art selected for the logo for the historic 2008 NY Philharmonic trip to China and North Korean.
Chinese Brush Painting
She has been an artist since childhood.

  A few artists we discovered recently in China  
Guggenheim in Paris
Mary Guggenheim views Nan Rae art at Grand Palais, Paris

Jeopardy Prize
Nan Rae art prints have been major prizes on Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune.
Taiwan exhibitor
Nan Rae exhibit in Taiwan.
PBS-TV artist
Filming a segment on PBS: The Artist's Workshop.

Thank You and a special welcome to the many who have watched the PBS art programs.  As you visit, you'll see the cards and prints that are reproductions of my work - all unique, handsigned and frameable.

Crate & Barrel: Ink Study Rose
Nan Rae's Ink Study: Rose
Now available at all Crate Barrel stores nationwide!
Selected for logo - 2008 trip by NY Philharmonic to China and North Korea.
Getty Architect
Architect Richard Meier discusses his Getty work at pre-opening visit.
Collector Maureen Reagan
in her living room.
Steve Allen
This Poppy goes into the Steve Allen collection.
Ray Bradbury
The Iris Serigraph for
Sci-Fi writer Ray Bradbury.
Visiting ceramic artist Beatrice Woods, 1996.
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