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These illustrated lessons are written and taught by Nan Rae at The Huntington Library and her Burbank studio. All are written and illustrated in detail for learning at home.

Nan especially recommends the Four Gentlemen Notebook for a comprehensive learning experience. Lessons are available as single subjects or in multi-subject notebooks.

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NEW!!! Nan Rae's Lessons are Now Available in CD and Downloadable PDF Versions!

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Chinese Brush Lessons
FREE Insight
  Do the mountains really look like that?  
Video - Painting Plum Branches 4:05
Video - Painting Bamboo Branches 1:20
Text - How to Mount Your Artwork
Speech A speech in Feb 2010 by Nan Rae
describing the development and the differences
between Western and Eastern Art ... To help the
Westerner understand Asian art.

For YouTube Studio Visit and Painting
Demonstration Videos - Click HERE

Chinese Brush Lessons
Four Gentlemen Notebook ... is $47.00 4NBk
The four classics of Chinese Brush Painting ...
Floral Subjects Notebook I ... is $95.00 NBk-F1
12 popular floral lessons.  None duplicated in my book...
Floral Subjects Notebook II ... is $95.00 NBk-F2
12 popular floral lessons.  None duplicated in my book ...
Floral Subjects Notebook III ... is $95.00 NBk-F2
12 popular floral lessons.  None duplicated in my book ...
Landscape Notebook ... $61.50 NBk-L
The five fundamentals of landscape painting + figures ...
  How to Market Your Artwork ... $20.00 Market
You love to paint, but now it's time to get your work "out there' for others to enjoy. From the first tentative steps, Nan Rae takes you to the next step ... selling your art.

Individual Class Lessons
Class Lessons include illustrations and text that can easily be followed at home.
My students work from the same lessons after class to perfect their skills.
Nan Rae Art
* by individual lessons indicates the lesson is in Nan's 'Ch'i of the Brush' Book

Brush Painter
Floral Lessons
Greeting cards
Lessons in CHinese Brush art
$18.50   LF-10
$7.00  LF-01
Bird of Paradise
$5.00  LF11
Camellia Details
$10.00  LF-02
Cattleya Details
$10.00  LF-12

Chrysanthemum Details
$12.50  LF-14
Cyclamen Details
$7.50  LF-15
Cymbidium Details
$7.50  LF-16
Daffodil Details
$5.00  LF-03
$5.00  LF-04

Fuchsia & Hummingbird Details
$10.00  LF-17
Gourds/Pumpkin Details
$10.00  LF-18
Iris * Details
$12.50  LF-19
Lady Slipper Orchid
$7.00  LF-05
$5.00  LF-06

Lotus * Details
$12.50  LF-20
Chinese Magnolia * Details
$7.50  LF-21
White Magnolia Details
$12.50  LF-22
Matilija Poppy Details
$5.00  LF-23
Morning Glory
$10.00  LF-07

Orchid, Chinese Details
$7.50  LF-24
Orchid, Phalaenopsis Details
$7.50  LF-25
Peony * Details
$12.50  LF-26
Plum Details
$18.50  LF-27
Poinsettia Details
$10.00  LF-28

Poppy Details
$5.00  LF-29
Rose Details
$12.50  LF-30
Silk Floss
$10.00  LF-08
$12.00  LF-09
Tiger & Day Lily Details
$7.50  LF-31

Violets Details
$7.50  LF-33
Wisteria * Details
$12.50  LF-32
Clematis Details
$5.50  LF-34
Nan Rae Artist
Landscape Subjects
Artist Nan Rae
Art lessons
Overview & Mists Details
$12.50  LL-10
Modeling Strokes &
Rocks & Mountains
$15.00  LL-01
The Stately Pine Details
$15.00  LL-12
Waterfalls Details
$10.00  LL-14
Lingnan Water/Mist Details
$15.00  LL-15

Figures in Landscape Details
$15.00 LL-18
Panda * Details
$12.50  LL-16
Bugs/Insects * Details
$10.00  LL-17
Goldfish * Details
$10.00  LL-19
Carp * Details
$10.00  LL-20
Tiger Details
$12.50  LL-33

Basic Bird * Details
$7.50  LL-21
White Birds Details
$7.50  LL-22
The Crane * Details
$10.00  LL-23
Roosters! Details
$15.50  LL-24
Shrimp, Crab & Lobster Details
$10.00  LL-25
Monkey Details
$12.50  LL-33

The Horse Details
$10.00  LL-26
Cats and Rabbits Details
$12.50  LL-27
Dragons Details
$10.00 LL-28
Snow Leopard Details
$5.00  LL-29
* indicates lesson is in Nan's book

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Chinese Brush Lessons
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