Nan Rae Recommends

  • Blues that sparkle like the French sky
  • Greens that glisten like the Mediterranean
  • Reds, Yellows and Gold’s that speak of Provence.
  • A palette of paints from Sennelier has become the standard among artists.
  • Since 1887, Sennelier has refined a full range of oil and watercolors. The work in crafting a range of extra-fine watercolors was guided by the artists whose names are celebrated today as the Impressionist masters.

    It was mainly the painters, desiring a transparent touch that would capture the vibration of light, who caused the birth of ‘wet’ paints in the 19th century and the ensuing works that went by the name of ‘watercolors’.

    Sennelier What is particularly important is that these are designated as ‘French Watercolors’ because the luminosity is an exaltation of color, reflecting the radiance of the City of Lights.

    Enliven your artwork with these superb watercolors. Every nuance will glisten and speak to the viewer of your love of painting. Sennelier watercolors are a perfect marriage of 19th century traditions with 21st century advances. These beautiful watercolors from France are available in American fine art stores.

    Experience the best, experience Sennelier!

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