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Modeling Strokes &
Rocks and Mountains

Terms and Techniques: The How-to and wherewithal of rocks and mountains.  Bonus - Jen-Wu - buildings and figures.  Colors and various dotting techniques.

Mountains - Beginning in the 8th century we see block like rocks,the cloud-like earthen hills of Kuo Hsi and round, grassy hills of the Tung Yuan tradition. Dong Yuan created spread-out hemp fiber textured wrinkles to portray the continuous mountain peaks of the state of Southern Tang. Ni Tsanís flattened, faceted, ephemeral forms which continue to be copied to this day. These composite paintings contain BASIC UNITS OF PATTERN which are repeated and varied. To depict the essence of the subject, details are eliminated and abstracted generalized patterns are formed using a limited vocabulary.

Rocks: 'Kernels of energy' and 'bones of the earth', isolated and immovable, symbolizing potency.
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