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All lessons are fully explained and illustrated.
Landscape Painting Notebook

The Chinese characters for landscape are Shan-Shui meaning Mountains/Water. Included in this notebook are five of the major classes taught by Nan Rae with helpful background material and step by step instructions. A wonderful value for the student of Chinese/Japanese Landscape painting; the lessons condense important learning from many additional lessons:
  • An Overview - a discussion of colors and Jen-Way painting figures.
        A full lesson on figure painting is included
  • The Pine Tree - a revered landscape discipline which typified power and indominitability. Pine trees are regarded like people of high principle whose manner reveals or represents inner power.
  • Rocks and Mountains - 'Kernels of energy and bones of the earth.' Ts'unfa or modeling strokes form the rocks and mountains in basic units of pattern which are repeated and varied.
  • Waterfalls - bring a feeling of motion to a painting.
  • Mists - Clouds/Mists between mountains link the conduit of energy or life forces and are thought to transmit it.
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